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Date: 3d May 2004 Concerns: YOUR LETTER OF 29TH APRIL Reference: 20040503JHBH In the first place I would like to thank you once again for your hospitality last Tuesday the 27th of April. I also received your letter of Thursday 29th April. Herewith you find my reaction. I've got my dictionnaries in Spain and do not know what 'hook-line' and 'sinker' means. But indeed it's intriguing that you determined my letters as love letters on first glance. As a matter of fact I started with the idea to help Diana out of her awkward position and I am still convinced that we would have succeeded without the intervention of the management of Harrods. Last Friday I celebrated Queensday in my former village Maarn were I still have my friends.

It was nice to be back in the place where I lived with my family during eleven years (1981-1992) and was a member of the Lions Club during 10 years. This gives you an idea of the atmosphere in which I am used to live. I agree that it is now time to move on and I am indeed not a person to retire on a pension. In The Number One Bar in Torremolinos the favourite song of the karaoke participants is 'Angels'. Most people look at me when they sing that song. Specificly Diana's personal friends that I know from HOTEL BYBLOS in Mijas Costa and I am determined to continue Diana's work like we planned. There is no one in the world who can stop that movement. In fact I agree with all your suggestions and am extremely happy with your feedback.

To build up the Cervantes Organization I need more people, more capital and I know that there are still a lot of young people who can carry out my plans. Of course my education will always remain the prime mover. It contains the basic elements of bringing people together. To use the old Dutch and Spanish Castles is a tremendous idea. And what about the castles in England, Wales and Scotland? The setting of Cervantes' story of Don Quixote into the modern scene has started already as you can see on this picture that I took last Friday of my good old friend Erik Visser in Maarn.

Every creative process starts with an idea. The story of the windmills is apealing but Sancho Panza was also an interesting figure. In my daily report of the 29th of April to my colleague Elizabeth I wrote her already about our conversation. Today I also sent her copy of your letter, if you don't mind. Building an organization is drawing circles. Reaching out for people and inform each other as sincere as possible. I translate my words to her into English: "Bill's first reaction after having seen the first letters was that it was a book with love letters. After I had told him how little copies of my book have been sold and he had told me that his son is a film producer who lives in Moscow he advised me to rewrite the book. He misses a number of 'cross references'. And that is true. Out of my vision the book only contains the strategic starting points for the building of our organization. To me it is a 'legal framework'. A story on which to fall back. In fact not written for the big audience. Though not at this time. At the time it was my personal choice to relate only my story. They are authentical issues that for example can be used by a judge in formulating a judgement. At this moment the book only serves for clarifying Diana's death and the circumstances around it. In this sense I have also brought up the exceptional treatment of Diana's last will by former prime minister John Major and the letters that I have written regarding that situation to Prince Charles and Tony Blair. Bill saw strong parallels between the lifes of Diana and me. He called me a 'traveller'. According to him I have fought against windmills as many times as Diana had. In this sense I must think of the conversation that I had in 1992 with Julio Sampedro (former director of Philips Ibérica). He let me know that Sancho Panza was also 'muy importante'. In other words: money has to be earned. In the same letter I also wrote her that I have told you "I fell in love with my company director" and that you affirmed that that is a very good basis for collaboration. So you see that I already started to mull about the ideas you gave over our bottle of dry white wine. To tie up my letters to Diana in a pink ribbon I expect those ribbons from her brother Charles out of her own room at Althorp House. When I get in. I may suppose he will have a nice chest in that room. It's a Question of Honnour. I hope I will find another love if my former love will not come back. When you receive this letter you will probably be in London. If not, please give my regards to Sir David Lancaster in Knightsbridge and Lord Balfour in Kings Street. I've got client number 361106 (age of Diana and the date on which I proclaimed her 'Queen of Hearts' in Brussels). Perhaps we can do some business together there. Because I think that all my original Royal Letters (from five royal houses) are worth a lot of money that I can use. I am not sure yet when I go back to Spain. At least the last week of July I like to assist the Congress of the European Association of Teachers in Spanish in Segovia. Before I have to refresh my website there. The rest of the time I will be free. Every best wish as well, JOHN VAN DER HEYDEN CC EH

INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX is legally registered at the Benelux Trade Registrar under deposit numbers 0508277 and 843323 in class 41: education, trainings and courses and is a tradename of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux in Nijmegen, registered under number 41211928 of the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam (IBAN: NL91INGB0004729266 BIC: INGBNL2A). Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House, Cardiff.

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INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX is als handelsmerk wettig gedeponeerd bij het Benelux Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom onder depotnummers 0508277 en 843323 in klasse 41: onderwijs, opleidingen en cursussen en is een handelsnaam van de Stichting Cervantes Benelux te Nijmegen, ingeschreven onder nummer 41211928 van de Kamer van Koophandel te Amsterdam (IBAN: NL91INGB0004729266 BIC: INGBNL2A). Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House, Cardiff.