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Date: 4th July 2004 Concerns: RENEWED VISIT Kenmerk: 20040704JHCS Dear Charles, Last week this beautiful pencil drawing was presented to me by Mr. Leslie Jell and his companion Mr. David Maher from Aldenham in Hertfordshire. Just before Diana's 43d birthday on the first of July. It means a lot to me. It gave me the occasion to conmemorate Your Beloved Sister the same way when She was still alive and had brought me three candles in de colours red, yellow and green, representing faith, hope and love and three institutes that I had represented before.

This time the candle is purple and orange. Very well chosen. Herewith you find copies of my letters My Lady's Last Will and Thanksgiving directed to the above mentionned gentlemen. I request you to study them as well. I have to make a correction on page 5 where I wrote "In 1995 my mother knitted a spencer. It was exactly the same one that I also found in your brochure of Althorp House. It represents my 'Dream of Red and Yellow' of which I wrote a poem for 'Elizabeth' on occasion of St. Nicholas, the 5th of December 1990 in Noordwijk. I wore that spencer for the last time during a meeting with colleagues of teachers in Spanish in February 1995 in Han-sûr-Lesse in Belgium." After having sent this letter I found a photograph in that same spencer dating from the first of May 1996 in La Alberca in Spain. I notice it is not completely the same one. But the idea is basicly the same.

It was one day before the visit of Queen Sofía to the University of Salamanca in which I was involved as one of the initiators of the institute don Quijote and owner of the trade mark Instituto Cervantes.

After that visit I spoke with an English girl in the bar of 'don Quijote'.

In that conversation she asked my attention for princess Diana's fate. That was in fact the moment that my spiritual relationship with Diana started by mediation of that English girl. I may presume that you know the rest of the story. I expected a positive reaction to my proposal to Diana to come and live in the Netherlands in the first week of September 1997. My latest letter to you has been the one of the 4th of November 1997. During that period I brought copies of the manuscript of my Letters to Diana, Princess of Wales to The British Embassy in The Hague (24 September 1997 ref. Research voor Beleid), BUCKINGHAM PALACE on behalf of HRM the Queen, Kensington Palace on behalf of 'The Office of Diana' and 10 Downing Street on behalf of the Prime Minister on Monday 22 December 1997; Christie's King Street on behalf of Lord Balfour on Tuesday 23 December 1997; Mr John Boulter of Kings College Cambridge, Your Family at Althorp House and reverend David Brindley of St. Mary's Church in Warwick on Christmas Day. Ref. London Report Christmas 1997


My Colleague Liesbeth Halbertsma has been completely informed by me. I also quote out of my letter of 30 March "Next summer I would be pleased to come over to Althorp House to help Diana's Family receiving guests, guiding them around and signing my book at their gift shop. I request you to introduce me to Earl Charles on that behalf. I only ask to cover my expenses and lodging on the estate. From 25 till 30 July I am probably needed during a conference of the European Association of Teachers in Spanish in Segovia. Afterwhile I will probably be free until the 28th of September, the seventh anniversary of my proposed wedding day in Palace Het Loo in Apeldoorn. I think that event must have a special character this year. A kind of conmemorance in the Anglical Chapel of Palace Het Loo."

I would be obliged to receive your invitation to come over in the second half of August. I would also be very obliged to join You and Your Family on the 31st of August to conmemorate together the fatal ocurrences of seven years ago. From 25 till 30 July I will stay in the residence Gabriela Mistral of the University of Segovia. From now till then on the address in Torremolinos and you can almost always reach me on my mobile telephone. Herewith you also find my latest design of my website on CD.



For the good order I sent copy of this letter to MR. L.R. JELL AND MR. D. MAHER in Aldenham (UK)


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