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De Weledele Heer Andreas van Agt NIJMEGEN Datum: Vrijdag 3 juli 2009 Betreft: LETTERS TO DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES Kenmerk: 20090703JHAvA


Geachte Heer Van Agt, Het deed mij buitengewoon veel deugd u vanmiddag weer eens te ontmoeten op het station van Nijmegen. Ik heb zojuist direct mijn boek voor u besteld bij mijn uitgever. Aangehecht treft u de orderbevestiging aan. U ontvangt het boek van mij namens INSTITUTO CERVANTES NEDERLAND, BELGIË, LUXEMBURG ENGELAND EN WALES (NBLEW) dat ik in deze landen rechtens vertegenwoordig in goede harmonie met mijn Spaanse collega's in Madrid. U staat vermeld op pagina 200. Ik citeer: Sunday, 13-04-1997 At the office of D-reizen I met a lovely lady with dark hair looking for a new destiny. She was from Ireland. I told her that my family originates from Ireland (Heytherland) and we spoke about the Family Hyde, the Irish branche of Our Family. So this evening I listened to some songs of Enya. I know I have to take the lead in Europe and that is a very difficult position. So I need the support of everybody concerned. Today I attended church at the Heilig Land Stichting (Holy Land Foundation). There also one of our former Prime Ministers, Mr Dries Van Agt, was present. I sent a letter to Elizabeth and went to Applebee's, where I spoke with the manager, Mr Goudsmit. The name is a funny coincidence. My house has been purchased by a goldsmith as well who forged a golden cross for you. I save that cross together with the photograph of you in the dress with the green colour of the Institute of English Studies and the golden heart. On television I saw Her Royal Majesty in a coat of exactly the same colour and wearing a red hat. It was stated that She also disposes of the British nationality and that this message was confirmed by British authorities. Her British nationality seems to derive from the the times of William and Mary, who also lived in the Loo Palace in Apeldoorn. This is very interesting because I discovered that the forefather of our Royal Family, Otto the First of Nassau, who died about 1290, had exactly the same coat of armour as Wennemar of Heyden, 1316 (Beiträge zur Geschichte der Gemeinde Heiden, herausgegeben von Ludger Kremer und Bert Sniers, 1975). So apparently the House of Nassau derives from the House of Heyden. This seems also be the case of the British Royal Tudor Family that was related for example with John of Gaunt. Gaunt and Bruges were ruled by members of our family during the middle ages. Also Philippa of Hainault was married to King Edward III. But today I was mostly surprised by the colours of the clothes our queen was wearing. I hope it will be a bode well too. Enclosed you find a copy of the article Diana laat zich weer zien of de Telegraaf of the 6th of August 1996. That day I visited Henley-on-Thames. The 24th of April I will visit Henley for the second time and have dinner in The Old White Hart in Hart Lane. Ik wens u veel leesplezier. Hartelijke groet, JOHN L. VAN DER HEYDEN.

INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX is legally registered at the Benelux Trade Registrar under deposit numbers 0508277 and 843323 in class 41: education, trainings and courses and is a tradename of the Foundation Cervantes Benelux in Nijmegen, registered under number 41211928 of the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam (IBAN: NL91INGB0004729266 BIC: INGBNL2A). Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House, Cardiff.

INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX está legalmente depositado como marca comercial en el registro de marcas del Benelux-Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom bajo los números de depósito 0508277 y 843323 en clase 41: educación, enseñanza y cursos y es un nombre comercial de la Fundación Stichting Cervantes Benelux en Nimega, inscrito bajo número 41211928 de la Cámara de Comercios en Amsterdam (IBAN: NL91INGB0004729266 BIC: INGBNL2A). Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House Cardiff.

INSTITUTO CERVANTES BENELUX is als handelsmerk wettig gedeponeerd bij het Benelux Bureau voor de Intellectuele Eigendom onder depotnummers 0508277 en 843323 in klasse 41: onderwijs, opleidingen en cursussen en is een handelsnaam van de Stichting Cervantes Benelux te Nijmegen, ingeschreven onder nummer 41211928 van de Kamer van Koophandel te Amsterdam (IBAN: NL91INGB0004729266 BIC: INGBNL2A). Instituto Cervantes Limited is registered for England and Wales under Company No. 3300636 at Companies House, Cardiff.